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Delivering the benefits of the genetic revolution

Genetic Technologies is leading the world in genetic diagnostics by providing patients and doctors with access to over 2000 different genetic tests.

Genetic Technologies is using the latest technology to identify changes in DNA to either confirm a diagnosis of a specific disorder of which a person displays signs or symptoms, or to identify individuals at risk of developing a disease before any symptoms appear.

Genetic Technologies is dedicated in its efforts to deliver this knowledge to you in a fast, high quality and affordable way.

Amongst the many tests, the BREVAGen test is used for assessing the risk of sporadic (non-familial) breast cancer.


Validated cheek swab collection now available for comprehensive genetic testing

Easy, painless and validated new generation cheek swabs options available for comprehensive genetic testing.

Introducing a prognostic test for prostate cancer

Prolaris® Now available within Australia –test for Prostate Cancer aggressiveness Prolaris® is a novel prognostic test measuring the expression level of genes involved with prostate tumor progression to predict disease outcome. Personalized results enable you to better define treatment and monitoring strategies for prostate cancer.

Introducing microRNA-based tests

With the development of highly specific biomarkers that demonstrate stability in a wide range of sample types including FFPE samples, Genetic Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of the following three microRNA-based tests:

  • miRview™ mets2 - pinpoint the tumour's origin in Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) patients
  • miRview™ meso - identify and rule out mesothelioma from adenocarcinomas of the lung
  • miRview™ squamous - differentiate squamous from non-squamous in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients


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